10 types of acrylic nail shapes

10 Types Of Acrylic Nail Shapes

Women tend to worry a lot about the way their nails look. They are always searching for the perfect nail shape to make themselves stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you are searching for the perfect nail shape for yourself, just remember that nail grooming is just as important as the shape you choose. Your nails need to be well-shaped and their hygiene must be maintained at all times. After all, the way you treat your nails will determine how beautiful your hands look. It will also make shaping the nails a little bit easier. First, you must choose the right shape for your nails and this can be a difficult task. Like most women, you may not be too familiar with all the various acrylic nail shapes that are available. This can make it difficult to find the one that will be perfect for you. Let’s look at ten popular acrylic nail shapes and perhaps you’ll be interested in one of them.

​10 Acrylic Nail Shapes To Consider 

acrylic nail shapes

Lipstick Nails​

Have you ever noticed the curve on the top of your lipstick? Lipstick nails use the same shape as that curve. The sides of the shape are straight while the top has a straight, but diagonal curve. There are numerous variations of lipstick nails. Women usually wear them to informal events.

​Coffin Shaped Nails

Nails that are shaped like ballerinas or coffins are similar to the stiletto nail shapes, except these have a tip that’s squared off. This makes the design of these nails resemble the shape of a coffin. It also tends to resemble the shape of the slippers that ballerina dancers wear on their feet while they’re dancing. Some people turn their natural nails into this shape, but it is much easier to do with fake nails.

​Duck Shaped Nails

Duck or flared shaped nails are a unique acrylic nail style. Women like them because they can grow their real nails as long as they want and it won’t affect the look of the duck shapes. These nails often have wide tips and narrow nail beds. With these nail shapes, you can experiment with a lot of different nail arts.

Almond Shaped Nails​

Almond shaped nails give women a feminine and classy look that no other acrylic nail shape can provide them. If you want your fingers to appear thin and long, then almond nail shapes will be perfect for you. The only problem is the shape won’t allow the nails to be able to extend. So, if you want to grow your nails then this particular shape won’t work out well for you.

​Mountain Shaped Nails

Mountain or stiletto shaped nails are becoming increasingly popular. You’ll often see Hollywood actresses and celebrities wearing these nail shapes on their hands. They are typically long and extended shapes that have a pointed tip. If you have long nails, then you can purchase fake nails of this particular shape and then file them down as you see fit.

Squoval Shaped Nails​

Squoval nails are a combination of oval and square shapes for your nails. This unique shape is suitable with virtually all nail beds, which makes them popular with women all around the world. Just remember the sides of the nail beds need to have straight walls. You also need to shape the top of the nail into one that looks like a smooth oval.

Oval Shaped Nails​

Oval shaped nails are really just a combination of rounded, square, and almond shaped acrylic nails. This allows the oval nails to be suitable for women with short, medium, or long nails. You can even turn the tip into an oval shape with a file. If you want a more feminine look, use the file on the sides as well.

Square Shaped Nails​ With a Sharp Corner

Square nails are trending like crazy amongst women who like acrylic nail shapes. What’s even more popular are the square nails that have sharp or edgy corners to them. Women like this look because it makes their hands look more appealing and prominent. The width of these nails does not get altered either, which allows you to try different nail designs out on them.

Round Shaped Nails​

If you like shorter nails, then you can’t go wrong with round nail shapes. Just beware that these nail shapes are quite prone to breaking. The good news is they can be fixed very easily too. With a file, you can maintain the shape of your nails with ease. Then after they grow out from their nail bed, you can file them into a nice round shape.

Square Shaped Nails​

Square shaped nails resemble a classic French nail style that is perfect for women who have a wide nail bed. Once the nails grow longer, they can be filed in the appropriate shape. Women all around the world are starting to use acrylic square nail shapes because it is the new hot look in female fashion. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young because square shaped nails look beautiful on all women.

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