Best Electric Nail Files Guide

Best Electric Nail Files – Our Comprehensive Beauty Guide

Visiting a nail parlor so that the technician can clean, file and buffer the nails can be tedious and will really waste your time. You can apply your own acrylic or remove them without going to the parlor. This is possible if you own some of the best electric nail files. Taking care of the nails has become important these days than it was a few years ago.

Luckily, innovative technologies and research have unveiled appliances you can use at home to take care of the nails. Ladies are taking advantage of the machines and are buying them in dozens, so as to use them to take care of their nails at home. This review looks at some of the best electric nail files you can use at home.

Best Electric Nail Files Reviews

Home Pedicure PediNova III Electric Manicure Kit

This is a German made kit rated 5 stars and designed to be used for pedicure and manicure purposes. It is affordable and the best electric nail files you can get in the market. The kit contains 14 tools that can be used to attend to special nail cases. I highly suggest getting a solid quality nail buffer with this set.

Home Pedicure PediNova III

Home Pedicure PediNova III

Product Description

It is a combination of both manicures and pedicure machine. It comes with an attractive case and features four speed settings. The kit is ideal for trimming and shaping fingers and toe nails. It can be used to smooth skin and calluses.

This kit comes with an easy to carry travel case and one year warranty. PediNova III is made from tough materials (sapphire &Silicon), which are long lasting.

The kit contains tools that come in different shapes and sizes designed to be used to solve a particular problem. Sapphire bit is one of the tools used to smooth the top of the nail and remove cuticle. The tool can be used to smooth the top of nails that are splitting or uneven. It can also be used to eliminate the dead or dry skin on the side of the nail. The bit is designed to do the work for you effortlessly. It is also probably the best nail drill on our list.

Sapphire disc

It is ideal equipment for shaping and trimming nails. When used, it helps the nails achieve oblong-looking shape and can be used to remove thick nails if it is moved vertically. However, when you reach the corners, it should be moved at an angle if you want it to thin the nail. The silicon can be used to rid the filings after the nails have been trimmed. This helps to keep the nails clean.

Nail Genie Cone-shaped bit

The tool is used to repair cracks and calluses by rubbing over an area until the skin gets smooth. It removes cracks and acts like glue and keeps the skin sealed. You really don’t have to worry about wearing sandals or open heels.

Note that these are just some of the parts of the machine you may use to pamper nails by yourself. You don’t need an assistant to help you do the job. PediNova is certainly one of the tools you need to give your nails the professional treatment it needs. It is expensive, but worth the amount of money you invest in it.


  1. PediNova comes in several bits for buffing, shaping, and other functions. Also, it comes with a DVD that gives info on how you can do the manicure and pedicure at home.
  2. It is effective when trimming fungal toenails
  3. The continuously adjustable speed is convenient. For extra convenience, consider a solid manicure table.


  1. You will feel nervous and uncomfortable when you use it for the first time.

Medicool Pro Power 30K Professional

This electrical nail file is not just of high quality, but is one of the best electric nail files you need to be serious about if you want to get the job done right. It is preferred by professionals because it is of quality and can be relied on if you are interested in quality work. Most professionals supplement an electric callus remover with this product.

It costs about $200 but it is sturdy, reliable, and built with the highest quality. Instead of visiting a salon and spending $100 for nail spa services, why not consider spending $ 200 and buy your own nail drill machine? It is a high speed electronic nail drill with an RPM of 30,000.

Medicool Pro Power 30K Professional Electric Nail File

Medicool Pro Power 30K Professional Electric Nail File

It has a variable speed control, you can reverse its direction, has an easy–twist lock chunk that fits in hands and works quietly and smoothly. You will never feel the vibration when shaping the filings and cleaning the nails. The machine distributes cool air over the hand and keeps it cool. It includes an instructional DVD that helps one get started.

The materials used are durable, flame resistant, and comes with a one year guarantee. After you have used this nail file, consider what kind of gel nail brands are the best and what colors you prefer.

If you cannot afford to purchase the medical pro power but you are interested in keeping your nails in a good shape, you can buy a cheaper file brand that will give you same service at an economical price.


  1. Small and is light weighted.
  2. The motor has the power of 30,000RPM and a variable speed
  3. Comes with a free foot pedal


  1. It is quiet and does not vibrate


  1. Finding replacement parts online is hard
  2. It overheats on low settings.

Medicool’s MED2191 Turbo File 2 Professional

It is a perfect nail filing system that is perfect for people who are jittery at investing their hard-earned money in expensive e-files. It offers better service without compromising quality. Unfortunately, it lacks the quality that is sought by nail enthusiasts. Buy a stainless steel pair of nail clippers with this filing system. It will help you in ways you can't even imagine.


  1. It has a powerful motor 20,000 RPM.
  2. Comes with a twist locking chuck
  3. Variable speed control
  4. Can work on natural nails and acrylic
  5. Accommodates 3/32 bits, this means that other bits can be used even if they come from other brands.
  6. Comes with an instructional DVD guide
Medicool's MED2191 Turbo File 2 Professional Electric Nail File

Medicool's MED2191 Turbo File 2 Professional Electric Nail File

If you are a beginner, the DVD guide is important to beginners. It comes with an instructional manual and it is critical in removing lifted acrylic. It does backfills repair cracks in case of acrylic nail trauma.

The machine is recommended for ladies who manicure seldom or those who add gel nails or acrylic to their nails. The machine in lightweighted, powerful, and has variable speed that makes the nails to look good.


  1. It is cheap
  2. It is versatile
  3. It is easy to use


  1. It is limited in nail bits
  2. It is noisy and vibrates uncontrollably

This nail file has a powerful motor 20,000 RPM. It is light, and has a variable speed control. It has both forward and reverse selection and can easily slide-in and out of the chuck.

The machine is of good quality; it is cheap, reliable and durable. It is suitable for filing/sanding and can also be used if you want to get smooth and shiny nails. It can also be used to shape nails and nail extension that includes Acrylic, Gel and Shellac.

AGPtek Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit

This is a special type of electrical drill kit that gives results, which exceed expectations. It is lowly priced and affordable. Its RPM is 30,000 and has a low vibration. The drill machine has both reverse and forward operation.

It has a replaceable fuse that makes it easier to maintain the drill machine. The e-kit enjoys a variable speed, has 6 optional bits and 5 standing bands. The speed can be controlled using a foot pedal or you can opt to use a hand piece.

AGPtek® Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit Set

AGPtek® Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit Set


  1. It’s CE certified and has a high torque
  2. Capable of forward reverse operation
  3. It’s easy to use and can be controlled


  1. Comes with a foot pedal
  2. It’s is ideal for pedicure and manicure

How It Is Used

To be able to use the machine, connect the 5-pin into the output socket and the pedal switch to the socket. Choose the grinding mould, fasten and secure it into its head. Once this is done, switch the speed control and connect it to the main power supply.


  1. It is a powerful drill
  2. It is cheap and comes with extras that can be used to replace the files when they wear down.
  3. Allows one to use the foot pedals


  1. It occasionally leaves streak marks on nails

Vogue Professional My Manicurist

Vogue Professional 6400 Professional Nail Drill

Vogue Professional 6400 Professional Nail Drill

This is a cordless nail drill that has brought the electronic nail kit to a new level. It is rechargeable and cordless. The drill looks like a pen and is easier to carry it around.


The drill features a powerful 35,000 RPM and has a four-in-one purpose such as shaping, and buffing and you can rely on it to drill your own nails. Its charge lasts for 1- 2 hours and can be relied upon in case of power failure. The kit was specifically designed for gel-painted acrylic, and natural nails.

It comes with an expensive attachment and a variable controlled hand piece. It has a unique open-like feature, something that makes it loveable.

Plugin Nail Drill - Vogue Professional My Manicurist

It is similar to Vogue Manicurist, it is cheaper and rechargeable. It is another cordless drill you should consider owning. This electric nail is great for ladies looking for a nail drill but do not have enough money.


  1. High power of about 2000-3500 rpm
  2. Comes with chrome plated attachments
  3. Comes with 1 year guarantee
Vogue Professional My Manicurist Slim Lightweight Nail Drill

Vogue Professional My Manicurist Slim Lightweight Nail Drill

This nail buffer/filter is cheap and is certainly the right machine for you. It is the best electrical nail on the market. It is of good quality, lowly priced and will certainly satisfy your needs. The nail drill is an ideal option for people with a strict budget.

It is of low quality but it is cheap. Note that this is not one of the best options you have on the market but it will give you service that satisfies your need. It is an ideal option for people who love products that last long.


  1. It is easy to use
  2. It is great for beginners
  3. Can be deployed to perform a number of tasks such as buffing, shaping and filing
  4. It is a reliable drill

Now that you have some knowledge about the best electrical nails in the market, you can choose an e-file that is affordable and which is within your budget. There are many options of e-file to choose from. Perhaps you need to try out PediNova. It is diversified, high in quality and affordable. However, if you are looking for a long lasting electrical nail drill, this may not be the best option. The materials used to manufacture it are not long lasting. This means that you may save some money now but pay more in future. To save extra time, find yourself a strong pumice stone to shave off dead skin.

All that said, buying your own electrical nail drill is certainly good, especially if you are a nail fan. Once you buy it, you will no longer have to visit a salon, you will not waste your time visiting salon after three weeks. Three weeks is the time when the acrylics fall off and so having an electric filer will make it easier to paint and design the nails as much as you want. It is a great electric toenail file on our list.

Electric Nail File Buyers Guide

When you start searching for an electric nail file, you will learn there are dozens available for purchase. Luckily for you, this guide is here to help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Let's go through a few points you need to take into consideration before you make any purchases.

1) Price

Price is the first thing everyone thinks about before they buy the best nail file. We all want to save money and performing the proper research will contribute to making that happen. Before you start your search, it is important to set a budget so you can figure out how much you are willing to spend.

When it comes to electric fingernail nail files, prices vary from under a hundred to a couple of hundred dollars.

Here is what will help you confirm your budget:

  • How much use you will get out of your unit. If you are just going to use it for yourself and not professionally, you can afford to be more budget conscious.
  • Determine the number of months or years you intend to keep it before you purchase a replacement. Some nail files last longer than others.
  • -Choose the location where you plan to use it. Some people want to use it at home, and others want to use it in a salon.

Like I mentioned before, if you want to use it for yourself at home, you should go with a low-end electric nail file. However, professionals should buy the sturdier more expensive models because they will be dealing with numerous clients on a daily basis. The more expensive models can last for years if maintained properly. Have a pair of nail scissors on hand just in case you need to cute your nails a bit.

I would like to send a warning out there to the super thrifty bargain hunters. Stay away from electric nail files priced under $30 because it never ends well. These units may perform strongly for you initially but as time goes by, performance dwindles, and you will end up having to buy a new one. The best glass nail file will never be this cheap. Over the long term, you will lose more money with these cheaper bargains.

2) Frequency of Electric Nail File Use

Some girls are obsessed with their nails. This passion for beautiful nails leads them to use their nail file often which can put a lot of wear and tear on their unit. You must take into consideration how often you will be using it and if you expect to share it with your friends.

If you are unsure, think about the last time you took care of your nails, and it will give you a good idea. Most girls use them very often because they like to share with their girlfriends which is why I recommend paying for a slightly more expensive model. Please be aware the best nail file for natural nails will not have to be used frequently.

3) Types of Nails

Thinking about the kinds of nails you will be working with is important. If you are a professional who works in a nail salon, you will be dealing nails of all shapes and sizes. Another thing to consider is whether you will be giving pedicures or manicures.

You must use high powered nail drills on acrylic nails. The drills should have robust motors with high RPMs. Stick with units that have at least 25,000 RPM motors.

For natural nails, you will not need as much power. They are very easy to file using very little force. Consider having several bits on hand because you will be dealing with different types of nails as a professional nail technician. Lastly, if you decide you don't want an electric model, a standard nail file can do a similar job with a little work. Toenail clippers for thick nails are important if your nails are difficult to cut.

4) Vibration and Noise

Some nail files tend to be a bit noisy which is why I recommend you get a silent one. This is much more professional when dealing with customers and will allow them to enjoy the salon experience.

The cheaper professional electric nail files tend to make a lot of noise so make sure you only get these if they are for personal use. If you van endure the constant vibrating, you can save yourself a bit of money.

5) Choosing Nail Bits

Deciding what kind of nail bits you want could make or break the experience. Most girls want the 3/32" bit which is considered the standard in the industry. You can use this bit size with most of the nail file models on the market which is convenient.

The best type of bit is carbide because they create less heat than the others. Also, they are more suitable than diamond bits which I personally never use myself.

6) Cord or Cordless?

Answering this question depends on how convenient you want your experience to be. Corded nail files have plugs which means you never have to worry about the battery dying. The cordless models, however, give you more free range of motion but require you to charge them frequently, so you don't have any sessions interrupted.

I recommend professional technicians buy the corded models because they will most likely be using them all day. For the girl who uses it in her home, I recommend the cordless because it is convenient and takes around 2 hours to charge fully.

7) Size of the Nail Drills

The exemplary electric nail filer fits perfectly into the palms of your hand and is straightforward to manage. Your best bet is to visit a beauty shop and test them yourself before you hop on the internet to get the best prices possible.

The weight of the drill is important for the professional technician because they usually have to use them all day. A heavy drill will start to weigh you own after an hour of use. Find a drill that will make your job easy to do while being able to build a relationship with your customer. If you have a good gel nail kit, they will usually come with nail drills.


After reading this review, I guess you may want to know the best electric nail file among the drills reviewed. If you are looking for something that you can use on both hands and toes, and you plan to regularly file your nails, choosing PediNova could be a good idea. This file is ideal for people who file their nails either every week or multiple times per week. Choose an effective file such as Medicool Pro Power, a state-of-the- art quality nail drill used in most of the nail salons. However, your budget and the service you expect from the best electric nail files should be your main concern. Buying a file that is believed to be the best but which may not give you the service you are looking for may not add value to your life. You need to do some research about the best options in the market. Lastly, if your budget is higher than average, there are a ton of premium led nail lamps for you to consider.

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