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The Best Gel Nail Kit For The DIY Gal

Are you thinking of purchasing a gel nail polish kit so that you may do your gel nails from home? Do you think this is expensive? Alright, I am glad to tell you that this is not the case! Having your gel manicure applied from the salon every two weeks is certainly not cheap. Why not organize and buy your best nail kit so that you can apply it in the comfort of your home?

Whether you DIY at home, or hire a nail technician centered in a salon, this is an ultimate parcel of gel nail kits to assist you do your gel nails at home. I therefore advice you to read on, select a kit, and get to have those nails look great!

DIY Gel Nails at Home

May be you are new in the world of doing gel from home. Here is a guide to help you understand the basics so you can buy the best at home gel nail kit around. If you are going to buy a gel nail kit, don't forget to to accompany it with an electric nail file set for the home salon.

What is The Best Gel Nail Kit?

There are many types of nail kits in the market today, but choosing the right one is the main problem many people face. To choose the right one, ask yourself the following questions: do you require the UV or the LED lamb? What number of watts must they be – 12, 24? What are the best brands? Which kits come with the most helpful extras? Where am I going to start from?

Sit back, and read this recommendation, and after you understand, you will be ordering your own nail kit, thereafter doing your own nails at home.

Gelish Pro Kit

Gelish Pro Kit

This one is perfect for anyone with a larger budget, but who wants to do the nails at home. It is a professional kit that comes with quality products, I highly recommend it, it is a perfect one if you can afford. It has an 18g gel light that is made for quick and efficient gel curing for polishes that are high quality. Many customers have reported salon like results after using it which means they save on the money it would take to visit an actual salon.

If cleanliness if important to you, they got you covered.​ This kit comes with a replacement tray that is simple to replace when it is absolutely necessary. Lastly, you will get the most exposure from this tray and you will know exactly where to place your fingers because it comes with finger-stopper guides to help you. This is the best at home gel nail kit.

Gelish Complete Starter Kit

Orly Smart Gels Starter Kit

This is perfect for people who require a salon brand kit. It is a good product considering that it is a salon brand, and contains extras that are popularly used by many salons. Included in the kit, you will have everything you need to give you the salon experience without the kind of money you would be spending in one. For people who are willing to purchase this kit and do everything on their own, this is a great deal. A professional gel nail kit doesn't get any better.

Included in the box is a 45 LED lamp and a Gelish Basix kit which is mostly what you need to get started.​ Also, you will receive a Human friendly pill case  and 2 colors (June Bride and Gossip Girl). Customers fall in love with these colors and have given the kit 5 stars because of it. The whole process will be pretty quick because all it takes is 30 seconds of curing to get beautiful chip-free nails.

Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 Starter Gel Nail Kit

Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 Starter Kit

This is an ideal kit for the midrange budget. Works best with those who have had trouble with other brands of gel polish, the red carpet gel nail kit is quite easy to use and gives good results when used properly. The gel kit includes everything you would possibly need to get the job done properly within the confines of your own home. The gel is cured in just about 45 seconds which is pretty quick for a kit in this price range.

One huge plus is that the color will last for weeks depending on how well you maintain them so you can get more bang out of your buck. Possibly the best gel nail kit for the money.

Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit

Sensationail gel polish starter kit

This kit is perfect for people on tight budgets. Its value is high, make sure to check the price since it is actually lower than you would expect. If the budgets are very tight, but you’ve resolved to own a kit, then you consider this kit since it includes all you need to get started. Most people who buy this gel kit are beginners and it is the first time they have ever tried it on their own because they realize the salons are expensive. If you end up loving this kit, you can buyer a higher end model in the future.

For this price range, you will be very impressed with the UV lamp included because it looks more expensive than it actually is. Also included in the kit are tony bottle of gel cleanser, base coat, and primer. We would say the only problem we had with this kit is that we wish the bottles were a bit bigger.​ Gel nail polish kits don't get any better than this.

Gelish Basix Kit

Gelish Basix Kit

The kit has a LED gel light. It is the best and the biggest of all the professional quality nail kits. It has all you need in order to do a professional manicure at home. It makes it easy to apply thin coats, bonds well, and ensures that the polish remains for two weeks.

The LED curing lamb has a finger stopper to ensure that you fingers are correctly placed to help the polish to cure correctly. It is not only the best kit when you are in a hurry, but also a professional quality kit that suits your needs. This is the best gel nail polish kit available.

Red Carpet Manicure Cinderella LED Gel Nail Kit

Red Carpet Manicure Cinderella 5 Color LED Gel Nail Polish Kit

If you are one of those people who never stop at home to do their nails, this smart gel smart system is what you need. It does a great job, is light and portable. It is rechargeable LED lamb whose size is similar to that of a smart phone, and opens to polish four fingers at once. It has a one touch timer with 60, 30 and 10 seconds option. The gel lamb is powered by the renowned lithium ion battery that recharges via the attached USB cord.

It feels more of a toy when tried the first time, but it is a real pack that consists of the best gel nail kit which easily fits in your purse or even your hand bag for easier portability.

It does a great job especially after soaking the nails in the removers that are packaged with the kit.

This nail kit doesn’t come with any colors. Therefore we recommend that you check out when buying this product. This is a home gel nail kit for the hobbyist. 


To sum up! It is important to note that we have compiled a list of the most relevant information related to the best gel nail kits worldwide. Therefore, we believe that you will afford any of these strongly screened super gel nail kits sourced from the ultimate best sources. People with thick toenails need special clippers before they use their gel nail kits to trim their nails down.

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