What Are The Best Gel Nail Polish Brands

What Are The Best Gel Nail Polish Brands?

Women who cherish their hands will only use the best brands of gel nail polish that’s available on the market. Most women these days are using gel nail polish because it’s easier for them to maintain the aesthetically pleasing look of their hands.

best gel nail polish brands

Regular Nail Polish vs. Gel Nail Polish

If you are from an older generation, then you might not even be aware of what gel nail polish is. You are probably used to the regular nail polish that has been around for years. So, what’s the difference? Well, the regular nail polish is known for only lasting between 3 to 5 days on your nails before it goes away. The gel nail polish, on the other hand, will stay on your nails for as long as two weeks, sometimes even longer. A lot of women consider gel nail polish to be a hybrid of gel nail extensions and regular nail polish. Basically, gel nail polish takes the best characteristics of each one and combines them together. The result is a nail polish that lasts for a long time and has a mixture of beautiful bright colors. Don't forget to trim your nails with nail clippers before you paint your nails with the best gel nail brands.

Best Gel Nail Polish Brands

When it became clear that millions of women loved gel nail polish, this motivated many beauty companies to release their own brand of gel nail polish in order to compete in the marketplace. Now, women are trying to figure out which gel nail polish brand is the best for them. More importantly, they want to know which brand creates the best mixture of colors. They also want to know if the polish will last while they’re on vacation.

Below is a list of the best gel nail polish brands that are available. Each one of them contains high-quality color and lasts for a long time. In addition, all these brands of gel nail polish are easy to remove and soak off.

CND Shellac

CND Shellac

CND shellac is a hybrid brand of gel nail polish which contains 102 shades and is made up of 3 parts. The first part is the base, the second part is the gel nail polish, and the third part is the coating on top. The combination of these three parts is what allows the gel nail polish to stay on your nails for over 2 weeks.

CND stands for Creative Nail Design. They are the American company which invented the very first gel nail polish ever. This polish was called Shellac and it was released in 2010. It totally revolutionized the entire manicure and nail beauty industry. When Shellac is applied to the nail, it appears like it’s ordinary polish but it contains the qualities that people love about gel nail extensions.

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen is a gel nail polish brand that is perfect for applying when you don’t have a LED light handy. This particular polish provides a quality and comfortable experience for the person when they apply it to their nails. The Sally Hansen brand actually has two gel nail polish types available.

“Complete Salon Manicure” is the name of the first brand. You’ll get both a color coat and a base combined into just one bottle of Complete Salon Manicure. This will save you plenty of time during the manicure process. The second gel nail polish brand by Sally Hansen is “Miracle Gel.” This is a more traditional nail polish which needs a top coat applied when using it.


diore nail polish

Dior is considered to be the best luxury brand of gel nail polish that is on the market today. The gel nail polishes made by Dior have a truly comfortable brush to them, which makes the application of the polish very easy. The brush has a round and wide shape to ensure that you can apply all the polish accurately within a short amount of time.

The only downside is there aren’t too many colors available with this brand. However, the few colors that are available are truly magical. When using this polish with a manicure, it will stay on the nails for over a week. But if you want it to stay longer, apply a top coat with the gel nail polish too.

Red Carpet Manicure

red carpet manicure nail polish

Some women dream about looking like a Hollywood movie star. Well, if you use the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish, you could at least make your nails look like the nails of a Hollywood star. This brand of gel nail polish contains 4 parts to it. The first part is the “Prep,” which looks just like plain water but it contains an alcohol odor to it. The Prep is used to degrease the nails. The next part is to apply a base coat to the nails so that the nail color you apply afterward will stick better. This leads into the third part, which is applying the gel nail polish to the nails.

Only use the polish after the base coat has dried. You may need to use a LED lamp to help it dry faster. As for the final part, this will be the application of the top coat. Apply this only after the nail polish dries. If done correctly, the Red Carpet Manicure gel nail polish should stay on your nails for over 2 weeks. This is one of the best gel nail polish brands on the market.

China Glaze

china glaze nail polish

The gel nail polish known as China Glaze is practical and easy to apply to your nails. In just one bottle of China Glaze, you’ll get the base coat, nail polish, and the top coat altogether. It’ll even stay on your nails for over 10 days. Just make sure you have a UV lamp or LED lamp to dry the polish after it’s applied. This nail polish brand is one of my favorites and I highly recommend them because their customer service is the best on this list. Lastly, one coat will last you for at least two weeks if you apply it properly.


opi nail polish

If you are familiar with popular nail beauty companies, then you probably have heard of OPI before. They are known for producing nail polishes which have great color pallets and durability to them. Now they have come out with their gel nail polish line which has brighter colors and the ability to stay on your nails for over 20 days. You won’t even need a LED lamp either, but you can use it if you want to fix your nails better.

Nails Inc.

nails inc nail polish

Although Nails Inc. nail polish doesn’t have very many colors, it does create a classical and beautiful shade on your nails. Plus, it is very simple and comfortable to apply to your nails. If you don’t have a UV lamp or LED lamp, don’t worry because you won’t need one with this nail polish brand. Of course, if you do have one then it will be helpful in drying the top coat with it.

You can expect the Nails Inc. gel nail polish to stay on your nails for over 1 week. But if you use a top coat, it will stay on for over 2 weeks.

Before you start using your gel nail polish, use an electric nail file kit to prepare.

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