best nail clippers guide for groomers

Best Nail Clippers For The Home Groomer

A few months ago, a panel of 20 assessors gathered to try out about 60 differing nail clippers. Their simple goal was to find out the best nail clipper.

These examiners not only clipped their own fingernails and toenails but also tested them on plastic cards. They looked at durability and sharpness. Nail clippers varies in performance and design.

In the process of examining, a surprise cropped in. This was a thing that was not expected. It was understood that there is not a single best nail clipper for everybody. Those with thick toenails need a differing clipper to those with thin nails. In the same way, people who stay at home needed a different clipper from that needed by a person who spends time travelling.

As we continue, it is important to mention that it is very few super nail clippers that are made of steel. The reason for this is that steel nail files are aggressive. The beauticians agree that steel metal nail files are suited to acrylic nails, but they cause damage to natural fingernails.

Due to this, we consider that a nail file is unnecessary on nail clippers. Therefore, if you want a nail file that works together with your nail clipper, then it is advisable that you buy a separate board.

Best Nail Clippers

The best clippers for your nails need to be the small mouthed clippers that work best with average sized finger nails. They consist of a curved end, and are the smallest clippers you will find in the market. If your fingers are small, then these clippers are your best choices. This is because the small sized blades allow for accuracy and at the same time reduce jagged ends.

These fingernail clippers seem a good option to those with small toes thus resulting to small toenails which can be quite difficult to clip with large clippers.

You need to note that, if you have extra-large nails popularly referred to as big man hands, you would better use large nail clippers as they are the best nail clippers for such nails. Giving yourself the ultimate manicure with an electric nail file set will make your hands look even better.

Seki Edge SS-106 – Best all round fingernail clipper

These are sharp, small, and easy to hold. It is an impressive product from the time you unpack it. Its blade is sharp, well aligned, and gives a perfect example of why you must pay more for a quality nail clipper. The gadget’s small size and the flared end of the handle make it easy to grip.

Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper

It is highly recommended because even the tensioning of the levers is smooth, and actually makes clipping of nails an enjoyable thing.  Moderately sized tables can fit most nail clippers.

Seki Edge SS-109- Satin Slim

If you are in need of nail clippers with a small head, then consider satin slim. Its blades are quite smaller in comparison to other blades. This small size allows for a precise cut on tiny nails.

Seki Edge Ss-109 Satin Slim Clipper

The blades are sharp, while the long slender handle allows for great leveling and cutting without expending much effort. When you incorporate these two factors, then you end up with a clipper that slices through your nails with ease.

This tool comes with a nail catcher, which can be removed by bending using a screwdriver. It is also sold with flat bladed option designed for those who cut their nails square.

Kai 003 S Fingernail Clippers

This is where price meets performance, it has sharp blades and the movement of the lever is smooth. The clipper has a plastic nail catcher connected to the base which allows for easy clippings. The catcher is removable and can also be discarded if you don’t like it.

Kai 003 S Fingernail Clippers

Remember they are highly affordable and are sold at a price of about $5. Its opening jaws have been tested and are best suited for small fingers.

Green Bell G-1006 Small Nail Clipper 

They resemble Seki Edge but they have a jaw which is slightly different. They are much more difficult to track than Seki Edge.

Green Bell G-1006 Small Nail Clipper

Mehaz 660 

Has a plastic nail catcher, with sharp blades whose lever grips easily. Its mouth is quite small than other nail clippers but are designed for small fingers with small nails.

Mehaz 660

Best Large Nail Clippers

They are used for both toenails and fingernails. They appeal best to people who want to buy heavy-duty clippers. They feature curved blades and are suited for thicker nails. Those with larger arms find it easier to grip the clippers. If you are exposed to bacteria and fungus, you need to have a separate clipper for your toes to avoid spreading the fungus to other fingernails.

Feather Parada M Nail Clippers – Best large nail clippers

From the assessments done, it was discovered that these clippers were preferred by the majority of people. Even the testers and the staff requested to be allowed to keep them for their own personal use. The blades are designed from Japan; they are not only sharp, but are well aligned to leave smooth edges on your nails. The handles are smooth and have a perfect grip.

Feather Parada M Nail Clippers


After considering a number of factors such as alignment, blade quality, and durability, the examiners concluded that the above are the best clippers you can ever get on the market.

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