how to get rid of yellow nails guide

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Nails

Nobody has a perfect body. Often times, we’ll put something on or in our bodies that cause a negative reaction. Women experience this a lot with their nails. Perhaps they’ll put too much polish on their nails which will cause them to become discolored. If there is a lot of bacteria on the nails, then it can also create some terrible looking colors on them. If you have yellow nails, do not feel bad because a lot of people get them. Fortunately, there is an easy solution for getting rid of this yellow color on your nails and restoring them back to normal.

Top Yellow Nail Removal Tips​

1. Avoid Dark Nail Polish​

Firstly, do not use dark nail polish so much. This might be hard for some women who love to wear dark navy or black polish on their nails. But these dark colors will increase the chances of your nails getting discolored. Therefore, switch to lighter colors or just go without any polish for a short period of time so that your nails can recover on their own.

2. Use A Buffing Board​

nail buffers

If your nails have just become discolored recently, take a buffing board and try removing the top layer of elements that are on the nail with it. Don’t scrub too aggressively because you want to maintain the strength of your nails. If done correctly, the discoloration of the nails should start to fade away. If the discoloration is too severe, then you might need to try another approach.

3.​Dip and Rub Nails In Lemon Juice 

You probably know that acidic liquid is not good for your skin or nails if they’re exposed to it for too long. However, acidic liquid can do a pretty good job of removing the yellow discoloration from your fingertips. Just take some lemon juice and rub it all over the affected nails. You can take the juice from a real lemon and do this or you can buy some lemon juice and dip a cotton ball into it. If you use a real lemon, slice it down the middle and work your discolored nail into one of the lemon halves for about 60 seconds. If using the soaked cotton ball, rub it on each nail that’s affected and then let them sit for up to 30 minutes. Rinse with water afterward.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide ​

A more scientific approach to removing the yellowness is to mix 3% hydrogen peroxide with water and then dip it into a toothbrush. Then, scrub the affected nails with the toothbrush until the yellowness goes away. An alternative to using the toothbrush would be to just dip your fingernails into a bowl of the mixture and let them soak in it for up to 10 minutes. The discoloration should be gone at that point.

5.​Use Denture Cleaning Tablets With Water 

Take a few denture cleaning tablets and dissolve them in water. Place your fingernails into the water and let them soak there for around 15 minutes. Take your fingernails out and then dry them with a towel. Apply moisturizer to your nails. Remember that cleaning tablets for dentures are meant to clean and whiten whatever they’re applied to, since they are supposed to be for teeth. But, they can work for nails too.

6. Buy a Whitening Stencil​

If you want a really quick solution to the discoloration, purchase a nail whitening pencil and use that to get rid of the discoloration. This is useful if you don’t want to polish your nails but are still embarrassed to go out in public because you have yellow nails. The Flowery Nail White Pencil is the most popular whitening pencil to get for this situation.

tea tree oil

7. Use Tea Tree Oil​

If you’d rather take the natural route, take some tea tree oil and rub it gently onto your nails. This is a home remedy that may work if fungus is the cause of your discoloration. Just place a few drops onto the beds of your nails and leave it there for a few minutes. Afterward, rinse your nail beds with warm water. Do this twice every day for a couple of months to see the results.

8. Habitually Use A Base Coat​

If you do apply polish, always start with a base coat before you apply the color polish on your nails. The base coat is like a protective layer that separates the polish from your nails. This prevents the polish from staining your nails and it keeps them healthier at the same time. There are some base coats you can purchase which actually correct the color of your nails and enhance their strength.

9 & 10. Use Teeth Whitening Strips and Eat Fruits Regularly

Take some teeth whitening strips and cut them into strips that are the same size as your nails. Place the strips on your nails and it should whiten up the discoloration that exists. And as a last resort, try using fruit to fix the problem if all else fails. You don’t have to use lemons either. You can use juniper berries or oranges to whiten up your nails too. If you normally eat oranges each day of the week, take the orange peel that’s leftover and rub it all over your affected nails. Do this 2-3 times each day for the next 2 weeks and you should notice a difference.

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