Best Manicure Tables

Best Manicure Tables (Picking The Best Nail Station)

Most people try to give themselves manicures but it is no easy task. If you don’t perform the manicure properly, you could end up ruining your nails. Attention has to be made to everything from taking off the old nail polish to putting primer on your nails. After that, you put on a new coat of polish. This whole process is truly an art form which means you’ll need all the best tools and accessories available to assist you.

What Is A Manicure Table?​

The first major accessory you’ll need is a manicure table. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing your own nails or someone else’s nails. All serious manicures should be done on a manicure table. This table will be the major item of your nail station, which is the designated area where your manicures will be performed. It will have not only the manicure table but all the other supplies you’ll need as well.

While you might be able to get away with doing your own nails on a coffee table or living room table, it certainly wouldn’t look professional if you were a manicurist who was using one of these tables to perform a manicure on their client. It would look totally unprofessional and feel awkward to the client. But if you were to bring your own portable nail station with a manicure table, the client would certainly get the feeling like you know what you’re doing. Of course, if you’re performing manicures at your own residence then you don’t need it to be portable. But it must be a manicure table and not an ordinary table.

Best Manicure Tables

Portable Manicure Stations w/ Tables

If you’re serious about starting your own nail business, then the first purchase you’ll need to make is for a manicure station. It only makes sense because every professional nail salon out there has multiple nail stations in their facility. The manicure tables are often white and can be placed right in your very own home. So if you wanted to run your nail business out of your home, this nail station will give customers a positive feeling inside.

Besides, having a manicure table will make it so much easier to perform manicures on customers. These tables will not only give your customers more room to relax, but it will give you more room to work as well. The table even has an armrest so your customer can truly relax all the limbs of their body while you’re working on their nails. And if you want to store your supplies close, the table contains a storage area that you can keep the supplies in. This means you’ll no longer need a regular pouch for storing equipment any longer.

Some manicure tables have UV lighting capabilities built into them too. UV lights assist in hardening the polish on the nails a lot faster. They’ll also light up the details surrounding the cuticles and the curves. So, if you can find a table with UV lighting, then that is even better. Of course, you can expect to pay a bigger price for these tables but it is worth it if you can afford it. The only downside is that portable tables with UV lighting are rare to find. However, you can always purchase a UV lamp as an accessory for your portable manicure table and get the same benefit from it.

Portable Manicure Stations

LCL Portable Manicure Table

portable nail station
  • Contains a free carrying case
  • Slide- out drawer
  • Locking wheels
  • Acetone Proof

Yaheetech Foldable Nail Station

yaheetech portable nail station
  • Contains locking wheels
  • A carrying bag
  • Wrist cushion

Importance of Having a Nail Station of Your Own

If you aspire to be an artist or nail technician, then a manicure table will be the most important tool that you ever purchase. The table will add convenience and ease to your manicuring tasks. It provides a workspace surface that you can totally devote to manicuring without worrying about anything else getting in the way.

manicure tables

All you have to do is choose the right manicure table for yourself. There are so many different ones out there that it can be a difficult task to someone who’s inexperienced at purchasing them. Each manicure table has pros and cons that separates itself from other tables. You must be the one to decide if the pros of the table you choose are worth enduring the cons over. Since everyone has different needs, only you will know which is the best table for your needs.

Let’s examine a manicure table that has an extractor fan installed onto it. Many nail technicians like to have these fans because it will blow away the irritating chemicals and dust that often get released during the manicuring process. This will also make your customers feel better too because they won’t have to endure these irritants either. So, if you tend to have these problems while manicuring, then you’ll want a manicure table that has an extractor fan.

An alternative to the manicure table mentioned above is the nail technician table that has an extractor fan in it as well. This particular table gives the user downdraft ventilation rather than the hood extraction you get with other tables. The chemicals of most nail products create vapors and dust that get sent into the air. These substances make the air much heavier than regular ambient air, which means a table with downdraft ventilation will do a better job circulating this heavy irritating air away from the workspace.

Manicure Tables That Have Extractor Fans

You already know by now how important extractor fans are in manicure tables. Now, let’s examine why most nail stations have a white color to them. This isn’t just for cosmetic attention. These white surfaces are actually chemical-proof which means it will be much easier to clean up any spilt chemicals and dust that falls onto the table after you’re done with the manicure. Without this chemical-proof surface, you’ll spend a lot of tiring hours having to clean the surface off. Also, make sure you store all of your led nail lamp dryers away in the drawers that are built into the station.

Top Manicure Tables

LCL Vented Nail Table

vented nail station
  • Contains Two Locking Cabinets 
  • Electric Downdraft nail vent
  • Free black swing lamp
  • Acetone Proof Black Laminate

Extracting Fan Manicure Table

manicure station with extractor fan
  • Contains five drawers
  • One cabinet
  • UV Light opening 
  • Built- in ventilation system
  • Glass top table

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best manicure table?

It all depends on your needs. Some tables are portable, some have extractor fans and others have UV lights. Just figure out which features will work best for your particular situation.

Is it a good idea to purchase a used manicure table?

A used manicure table is okay to purchase if you’re a beginner and don’t have a lot of money to spend. Just inspect it first and make sure it is in good condition.

Where is the best place to purchase nail tables?

Many quality nail stations can be purchased online at many reputable e-commerce sites like

Should I get a Glass Top Table?

Just make sure you get an acetone proof table. A glass top table will ensure this as well as a chemical proof table that’s all white.

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